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Sunglass Frame Materials

Finding a perfect material for your sunglasses is as important as selecting the shape and colour。 This gives you an unparalleled feeland brings the best out in you.There are three materials in our collection of sunglass frames。 They are acetate, metal and plastic. The choice allows you to find a pair of shades reflecting your particular style. Read more about our sunglasses material below.

Metal Sunglasses Frames

You get a smooth and eye-catching design with a relaxed feeling with Optical4u Glasses metal sunglasses frame. To capture some of these looks, select our metal frame: the square lens is classy and provides assortmrnt of colors.The aviator shapes are timeless and also come in a variety of rich colours for all your occassions.

Acetate Sunglass Frames

Our acetate frames provide you with the best of modern and classic l style. Popular acetate frame styles include. Our rectangular acetate sunglass frames is suitable those who prefer a small and square shape lens, rond shape for a classy and fashionable feel.

Plastic Sunglass Frames

Our plastic frames make everywhere you go a fun and flexible option. Optical4u Glasses plastic sunglasses frames provides a multifunctional ensemble with many styles.Dark and lively events fits well with oval sunglasses, a striking look matches with a round shades and so on.

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