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How to Measure Your Frame Size?

Choosing the right frame size for your glasses is just as important as choosing your lenses online. Knowing the various size parameters of eyeglass frames will help you choose the best glasses for you. Thankfully, when you have a pair of eyeglass frames that are very comfortable to wear, then it will be easy for you to find the right frame size.

First there will be three sets of numbers on the inside of one of the temples of your eyeglass frame, sometimes two sets of numbers may also appear on the inside of the nose bridge of your eyeglass frame.

According to the measurement of the glasses frame size shown in the picture.

Lens Width: 54
Bridge Width: 17
Temple Length: 140

Please keep in mind that all numbers here are in millimeters.

The Lens Width

The lens width is the maximum horizontal length of each lens. Your doctor may refer to this as "eye size". It is usually 40 to 60 mm.

The Lens Height (Not printed on the frame)

This measurement is the vertical height of the lens at its highest point in the frame. When choosing bifocals or progressive lenses this height should be at least 28 mm.

The Bridge Width

This is the distance between the two lenses. Simply put, this width is the size of the frame to fit the nose. This piece can range in size from 14mm to 24mm.

The Frame Width (Not printed on the frame)

To measure the width of your frame, get out your ruler and measure horizontally at the widest part of the front of your frame, including the hinges or any parts of the design that protrude on the sides.

The Temple Length

Generally this measurement is three digits, printed within a set of measurement on the inside of the temples, which is proportional to the width of the frame.

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