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What Are the Best Women's Prescription Glasses?

Women love eyeglasses and eyeglass manufacturers love to design new women’s prescription glasses. They go together well. The glasses that are made for women help to make a woman look smart as well as sexy. This is why women pay special attention to what they wear on their faces. If you are a woman that wants to add new glasses to your wardrobe, then the following will give you an idea as to what you should and should not wear. Here is a brief look at the latest trend in women’s prescription eyewear.

Cat-eye women’s prescription glasses
Let us start with a pair of glasses that every woman loves and wants. Yes, the cat-eye glasses are a real symbol of femininity. They have been made popular by some very attractive and well-known women celebrities and are sure to be at the top of every woman’s list of eyewear items. The vintage cat-eye glasses are a great option because they can accommodate almost every prescription and will also give you a style boost at the same time.

If you have decided to wear cat-eye glasses then you should go with a red frame as it attracts attention and is also very sexy. This kind of frame will make you look very intriguing as well as hot. However, if you have a light skin tone, then the best color for your frame is either black or a dark shade.

Round women’s prescription glasses

Next, you should check out round glasses. They are mostly available in acetate material or metal. Before you opt for round frames, make sure that you make this decision to wear round glasses only if you have a square face. Round frames will soften your features and will contrast with the angularity of your face.

Geeky and nerdy women’s prescription glasses

Women should also not shun the geek style. This is a new style but it does symbolize your trendy outlook in life. These glasses are sometimes called nerd glasses but they do make you look cute and attractive. If you need prescription women’s eyewear for reading, then you should choose this as it serves as an excellent fashion accessory. Go for a slightly large and oversized acetate frame in black color. This style has been popularized by many celebrities and if you want to sport a similar look, then go for the geek style.

Look cool in hipster glasses

If you are a woman that wants to look cool, then you can go with hipster-style glasses for women. This option is especially good for women that work in offices as they will also help you sport a geek and chic look. Hipster glasses are a good option for women that have a round or square or rectangular face as hipster glasses contrast well with such facial structures. If you are a woman with a round or oval face, then you should go with a frame that is wider than your face to add more balance to your round features.

Sport the vintage look

Women also love vintage glasses. These glasses are always in style and will give you a more confident look. The retro-style vintage glasses are a good option because they give you that retro look with a twist of modernity. Vintage glasses are available in several different shapes including cat-eye and square and they can prove to be an excellent addition to your wardrobe. Go with a pair that is fitted with a metal nose bridge. If you wish to exude femininity then you should choose the vintage cat-eye frame. These glasses are perfect for correcting your nearsightedness.

Oversized vintage women’s prescription glasses

Another option available to women that are looking for women’s Rx glasses is oversized eyeglasses. Every woman loves oversized glasses because they are both interesting as well as intriguing. They are a good conversation starter item and are always considered very fashionable. They are available in many shapes and so, you can pick and choose according to your needs. Depending on the shape of your face, you can pick a round frame, oval frame, or any other kind of frame that suits your face. Mostly, large frames are made from acetate material but you can also go with round oversized frames that are made from metal.

Finally, women that wish to buy best-selling frames should opt for brow line eyeglasses. They have a heavy brow bar which suits the professional woman that is working in business environments. The best frame color for this kind of frame is black as it matches well with most business women’s outfits.

This is a brief look at the best women’s prescription glasses. Depending on your needs and taste, you can pick from the above-mentioned list. Be sure to buy your eyewear from a good online store as that is where you can get the widest selection and best prices. is a great place to shop for women’s eyewear. It has a wide selection and the quality of its eyewear is very good. Best of all, their prices are very low and reasonable. So, be sure to check this site out.

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