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How Much Do You Know About Cat Eye Prescription Glasses?

For a long time, cat eye glasses were considered old-fashioned. You normally associated them with your grandmother or great-grandmother. However, today more and more people are choosing cat eye prescription glasses as they have made a big comeback. They give you a nice vintage look and hence it makes sense to find out more about them. Today, you can see celebrities and fashionistas sporting cat eye glasses. Some famous actresses have been associated with this kind of eyewear. Read on if you want to know more about cat eye RX glasses and how to choose the right one for your needs and budget.

Look chic in your cat eye prescription glasses

The first thing that is going to strike you about cat eye prescription glasses is that they make you look chic and they help you make a real style statement. Even those who hold a regular job can wear these glasses to work and look fashionable.

Understand the main characteristics of cat eye prescription glasses

Before you shop for cat eye glasses, you should understand its main characteristics. They have a bold styling on the top of the frame while the bottom of the frames is light. They are a great option for those wishing to showcase their upswept brow lines and who want to look distinctive and special. Mostly, the width of your cat eyeglasses is larger than that of the bottom of the frame.

Many styles available for your cat eye prescription glasses

The good news for those who want to wear cat eye Rx glasses is that there are many styles options available for you to choose from. The shape of modern cat eye glasses is much different than those of the ones your grandmother wore. There is a striking and subtle upsweeping cat eye details that are common in modern cat eyeglasses. The nice thing about the upswept shape is that it works well with different frame shapes. You can even buy a pair that can accommodate oval lenses as well as oversized D-frame lenses.

Very versatile

Cat eye glasses is very versatile and can suit different face shapes. It all depends on your most prominent facial features. With so many styles to choose from, you won’t find it hard to find a pair that suits your face.

cat eye prescription glasses for different facial shapes

If you have a round face, then you will need to go with a pair that has bold and angular lines as they help by sharpening your soft features and your round jawline. If on the other hand, you have an angular face or one with prominent features, then you would need to choose cat eye glasses that has a round or oval shape. You can also go with winged-shaped cat eye glasses to help balance your wide jawline and your square or triangular face. A pair with rounded lenses on the other hand will help to soften your sharp features.

Enhance your vision with cat eye prescription glasses

There are no doubts the fact that cat eye Rx glasses, besides making you look good also help to enhance your vision. They are a great option for those who are looking for a pair that they can wear on a daily basis. The retro-style cat eye glasses is a good option for those who are looking for eyewear that is subtle and which they can wear on weekend getaways as well as for lounging beside the swimming pool.

A pair for modern women

For modern women, a pair with cat eye frames will work perfectly especially if they want to sport a vintage look. These eyewear items are very trendy and fashionable and if you go with a frame with a glossy black front you can kill that vintage look. It pays to choose frames that are made from plastic as these frames are cheaper and more attractive. You can even fit progressives with these frames and that would help to solve all your vision problems. cat eye frames suit heart-shaped faces, oval and round as well as square faces.

Choose the right frame size

Before choosing your next pair, make sure that the size of the frame fits your face perfectly. You can also choose a pair which is made from mixed materials which are ideal for all occasions. Just make sure that you choose a pair that matches with a variety of outfits and if you want to look more sophisticated, then go with a pair that has tortoise temples.

Now that you know more about cat eye prescription glasses, go ahead and buy your next pair with confidence. The nice thing about choosing cat eye glasses is that it suits most facial shapes and also, these frames are quite affordable provided you buy them from a good reputable site. has a wide selection of cat eye frames. Each frame is of very high quality and it is also very affordably priced. So, when you need to choose cat eye glasses, make sure that you buy it from this site. It offers the best deals and it is reputable and reliable.

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